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3-Day Tour of Sun Moon Lake, Puli and Alishan National Scenic Area from Taipei - Taibao, Taiwan

About This Tour

Duration: 3 days
Location: Taibao, Taiwan
Product Code: 30713A

Activity Details

Explore Taiwan’s countryside and discover its beautiful scenery on this 3-day tour from Taipei. Sit comfortably on board an air-conditioned coach and hear interesting anecdotes and enlightening commentary about the sites you pass. Step off the bus with your guide to walk around the region’s hidden wonders including the town of Puli, picturesque Sun Moon Lake, the extraordinary Alishan National Scenic Area in the county of Chiayi and visit the Southern branch of National Palace Museum.


Day 1: Taipei – Puli – Sun Moon Lake

Pass By: Edison Travel Service, 4F., No. 190, Song Jiang Rd., Taipei 10467 Taiwan
Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 by a team of travel experts and professional tour guides. With the everlasting efforts put into the field of tourism, good feedbacks and recommendations from our clients, Edison Travel Service has become the leading inbound tour operator in Taiwan among English, German and French speaking markets

Stop At: Sun Moon Lake, Zhongshan Rd., Yuchi Township, 555 Taiwan
Divided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power; offering key tourist themes – “high mountain and lake”, “indigenous culture”, and “nature ecology”, the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area attracts more than six million visitors each year.
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Yidashao Pier, Yidashao, Riyue Vil., Yuchi Township Taiwan
Yidashao(Ita Thao), is called Barawbaw in thao language. The Han people call it North Cave. It was named Te Hua village after the restoration of Taiwan, and is under the administration of Yuchi. It has become the most populous area around the Sun Moon Lake. There are stores, restaurants, and hotels in the village. Also the thao people establishes the "thao Cultural Village" for tourists to appreciate the traditional culture, songs, and dancing of the thao tribe.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Xuanzhuang Temple, No.389 Zhongzheng Road, Riyue Village, Yuchi Township Taiwan
Monk Xuanzang was the Holy Monk in the Tang dynasty. During the China-Japan War, Japanese took the Monk Xuanzang's remains away from Nanchin to the Tsen Temple of Saidama Ken in Japan. In 1955, the Monk Xuanzang's remains were returned back to the Xuanguang Temple. In 1965, the Monk Xuanzang's remains were moved to the Xuanzang Temple after the temple rebuilding. There is a bell in front of the main gate of the Xuanzang Temple. The bell is called "wake up bell." If you prefer quiet atmosphere, Xuanzang temple is the best places for you.
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Ci'en Pagoda, Yuchi Township, 555 Taiwan
Ci-en Pagoda is located on Sha Ba Lan Mountain near Sun Moon Lake. It was built by Chiang Kai-Shek in memory of his mother in 1971. The construction was very difficult because the materials had to be shipped over the lake and moved up the mountain. The Ci-en Pagoda is 46 meters in height and has become the famous landmark of Sun Moon Lake. Surrounding the tower are beautiful plants and trees and there are stone tables and chairs for visitors to take a rest. The Ci-en Pagoda overlooks Lalu Island and Sun Moon Lake.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Xiangshan Visitor Center, No.599, Jhongshan Rd., Yuchih Township Taiwan
The Xiangshang Visitor Center is both for tourism and administration use. The uniquely designed building has wood-patterned exteriors and wings that stretch like human arms embracing the earth. In addition, the two giant canopy structures, 34 meters long and 8 meters tall each, allow people to enjoy beautiful views of the Sun Moon Lake from the top.
Duration: 30 minutes

No meals included on this day.
Accommodation included: Hotel Fleur de Chine - Mountain View Room(5-star), Sun Moon Lake or equivalent

Day 2: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan

Stop At: Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, No. 59, Zhongzheng Vil., Zhongzheng Vil., Alishan Township Taiwan
Alishan is famous throughout the island and parts of Southeast Asia for its spellbinding sunrise over the celebrated Sea of Clouds that rings Yushan (Mt. Jade). Blue and emerald peaks rise from a fleecy gray ocean which the rising sun turns vivid hues of silver, pink, and red. A leisurely half-day stroll along forested paths allows visitors to take in Alishan’s other attractions. The enchanting Sisters Ponds are two small pools (one with a wooden bridge and pavilion) named for two lovelorn aborigine sisters who drowned themselves there.

Another attraction is the Three-Generation Trees – one growing out of another, and a third from the second. Other pleasand diversions include several temples, a cherry garden, a deer farm, and a small museum.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Alishan Shenmu Area, No. 17, Xianglin Vil. Taiwan
This Formosan red cypress is the tallest and oldest of the trees on the Giant Tree Plank Trail.

It has a girth of 13.1 meters and is 43.5 meters tall; it is estimated to be around 2000 years old. The tree also hosts Rhododendron kawakamii, the fern Oleandra wallichii (Hook.) Presl and other plants native to Taiwan.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Shouzhen Temple, No.45, Xiang Lin Village, Alishan Township, 606 Taiwan
Shouzen Temple is the largest temple in the Alishan area, restored in 1969. The main gods worshiped here are the Syuantian Emperor, the Fude God and the Jhusheng Goddess.
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Alishan Forest Railway, No.428 Gonghe Road, Linsheng Street, Dong District Taiwan
The scenic area has three branches of the railway: the Zhushan Line was the first high mountain railway built in Taiwan and is used by the visitors travelling to Zhushan to watch the sunrise. The Yanyue Line carries tourists through beautiful scenery to the famous Shihou (Stone Monkey) Recreation Area (this is undergoing repairs after being damaged by Typhoon Morakot and is still closed);the Shenmu Line cross the recreation area to the sacred tree (shenmu) area.
Duration: 6 minutes

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: Nice Prince Hotel(5-star), Chiayi or equivalent

Day 3: Chiayi - Taipei

Stop At: Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, No. 888, Gugong Blvd, Taibao City, Taibao Taiwan
To achieve cultural equity between the Northern and the Southern regions of Taiwan, and to drive the cultural, educational, social, the Executive Yuan approved the building Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum economic development in both regions, setting the Southern Branch Museum as an "Asian Arts and Culture Museum.

The Southern Branch Museum will actively plan a variety of awe-inspiring exhibitions to fulfill its duty as a museum for artifact collection, research, conservation, education, and exhibition as well as to introduce artifact-derived leisure and recreational activities, and engage in cultural and creative operations.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Meals included:
• Breakfast
No accommodation included on this day.

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