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[line@reservation] *Reef Creek Accommodation + Grid Rental + Tour 3 - Yilan County, Taiwan

About This Tour

Duration: 1 day
Location: Yilan County, Taiwan
Product Code: 150351P6

Activity Details

Reef Creek Lixiang One Night Stay + 24 Hours Car Rental + Yilan Local Tour Select Three

Self-driving tour around Taipei, Yilan, stay at Jiaoxi Hot Spring Hotel - Lixiang Hotel, the two will be on the move!

The fee includes one night stay: Lixiang Hotel Jiaoxi Pavilion is a beautiful romantic/fashion elegant double room for one night, with two breakfasts + 1.5 car rental or 1.6L domestic car for 24 hours (no car is specified) + per person Choose one of the best choices in the local (valued at NT$150)

1. One ticket for the traditional art center adult ticket

2. Inside the exquisite rural tour 90 minutes tour.

3. Luo Dong Health Station - a handmade bean flower.

4. Green Expo 2019/03/30~05/12 period limited - Green Bo.

Also give each car a Yilan gift box.

Line@ registration discount price: 2400 yuan for one person on weekdays and 3200 yuan for one person on holiday (Saturday).

This project is limited to the official LINE@ of the Yuting Travel Agency, and the official LINE@ reservation for the rental of the car, in order to enjoy the special price, join LINE@ will be serviced by someone.


1. Advance telephone/Line@ to confirm the room condition, car condition and travel reservation. On the day of the trip, pick up the car with the reservation voucher and the driver's license. The tour is based on the identity card of the person making the reservation.

2, (scheduled notes)

3-1. The car rental in the province can be used to pick up the car.

3-2. This project is limited to A. If you rent a B, you will need to pay extra fees. Please refer to the official website.

4, the car rental overtime fee must be self-paying, 260 yuan per hour; overtime of more than 6 hours, with a one-day rental price of 2,600 yuan. 5. This project has a minimum number of people in the line.

6, 3 people in the room type arranged to stay in the two-bed four-person room, each price is the same; 4 people in the room type arrange two double rooms, if you need to arrange a four-person room, each price does not change, Please inform at the time of registration, it must be changed according to the hotel's room conditions.

7, the same size, in addition to children under the age of 3 do not charge, but do not provide beds, spare parts, hotel breakfast, travel tickets.

◆After registration, due to [personal factors] can not participate, please call or line@ way to inform customer service, apply for refund or extension.

Unsubscribe rules based on the “Individual Individualization Contracts for Domestic Tourism” of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications

Type of Activity

Shore Excursions > Ports of Call Tours >

Type of Booking

Confirmation from supplier in 12-48 hours of booking.

Voucher Option For This Activity

The local operator accepts both printed and electronic vouchers (e-vouchers). If you travel with a mobile device, simply show your Photo ID and present your e-voucher on your Smartphone or tablet on the day of travel.

Local Operator Information: Complete operator information including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included in your Confirmation Voucher.

Product Managers select only the most experienced and relible operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind