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Yehliu Geopark, 101 Skycraper Building, CKS Memorial Hall-8 HoursTour  - Taipei City, Taiwan

About This Tour

Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Product Code: 148862P3

Activity Details

Taiwan is an island of unexpected beauty. With verdant valleys, hills and forests to roam in, it's the ideal destination for those who love to spend their vacation exploring the great outdoors. Those who prefer something a touch more sedate can still find well-marked walks and wondrous views in Yehliu national geopark. The capital, Taipei, is one of Asia's finest futuristic cities, its Taipei 101 skyscraper unmissable when strolling through its brightly lit streets, its night markets and street food a match for anywhere in Asia.

Full of Historical and culture of Chiang Khai Shek Memorial Hall that as it shows off some of the best of Taiwan's architecture and traditional design, it has also become a popular tourist attraction and the site of carnival-like events. Let's explore Taiwan beauty and discover the best places to visit with our pleasant and comfort service.

After being picked up from your hotel, take a scenic of Northern coastal line to Yehliu geopark

One of the premier destinations in northern Taiwan, home to a number of unique geological formations including the iconic "Queen's Head", and is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli. Then following trip to 101 skycraper building that provides Taiwan’s premier international shopping destination, featuring luxury goods, fashions, and fine dining.

Taipei 101 Mall has gathered together the finest in fashion and refined dining from around the world. Our customers’ wishes are thoughtfully catered to in a world-class space that brings together sensory delights, a wonderful atmosphere, and architectural aesthetics, giving form to limitless imagination. Here, you can enjoy your shopping experience in comfort and total relaxation. Taipei 101 Mall joins the ranks of world-class shopping districts such as New York’s Fifth Avenue, Paris’ Champs - Elysees, and Rome’s Via Condotti, with flagship stores and all - new design concepts to offer consumers the richest array of shopping choices. Whether from the perspective of its high-end goods, design flair, trend-setting lifestyles, or sumptuous cuisine, Taipei 101 offers consumers 101% fresh choices in fashion and dining from around the world.

Make final stop before returning to your hotel , Chiang Khai Shek Memorial Hall the area surrounding it is one of the most prominent landmarks in Taiwan and is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Taipei with thousands of people showing up each day.

While the grandiose monument to former President Chiang Kai-She is a popular tourist attraction and take part in an elaborate changing of the guard ceremony once every hour. The changing of the guard ceremony is one of the most popular attractions at the Memorial Hall and when its time for the changing of the guards, an elaborate ceremony takes place which is symbolic of the ROC armed forces discipline and skill.

Type of Activity

Shore Excursions > Ports of Call Tours >

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