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Clear water cliff canoe - Hualien City, Taiwan
From USD
$70.00 Star Rating

About This Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Location: Hualien City, Taiwan
Product Code: 167314P1

Activity Details

A 5km voyage, a sunrise trip, and a new day in the canoe to avoid the scorching sun.

One of the oldest environmentally-friendly sports, adhering to tradition, is an environment that likes to sweat, natural, explore, challenge, save energy, and pollution-free; and trains physical strength before training to cultivate the spirit of sportsman.

In the process of canoeing, the best way to protect your sunscreen is to wear long-sleeved sunscreen pants, do not use sunscreen, reduce the impact on the environment, and wear swimming trunks or bikinis that like to sun.

Through the experience of canoes, we will strengthen our links with marine culture and learn from the perseverance of "not giving up" in the face of adversity.

Using European and American canoes, compared with mainland brand canoes, the price and performance are very different. The big cost is to make you feel at ease and fun.

The canoe has a dedicated mobile car type that can be used to plan various trips.

The first “Management Measures for Water Recreation Activities” promulgated by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications insured the “public accident liability insurance” 24 million, and insured the Nanshan Life Insurance Group’s 3 million accidents with 300,000 medical risks.


03:00~03:40 Hualien City→ Haoyeren Canoe Parking (Google Map Search and Navigation) (The actual collection time will be adjusted according to sunrise)

03:40~04:00 Dress up (please follow the equipment checklist) (provide a dressing account)

04:00~04:30 Lifting the boat and teaching the canoe

04:30~04:40 Chongde Beach goes out to sea

04:40~05:00 on the Pacific

05:00~05:30 Enjoy the sunrise and take pictures (there is not necessarily a sunrise due to the different weather; the coaching skills vary from person to person, and the number and effect of the photos are not guaranteed)

05:30~06:00 Pacific Ocean→ Xiaoqingshui Cliff Photographs (Good physical strength can go to Daqingshui Cliff, but also to Xiaoqingshui River uninhabited beach, super beautiful~) (★ It is recommended to wear a swimsuit or a bikini, and the photo is super nice ★ )

06:00~06:30 Xiaoqingshui Cliff→Chongde Seaside (You can enjoy diving on a canoe during the sailing process. If you have a good wave, you will be on the “Treasure Island” to jump into the sea)

06:30~07:00 Challenge success, stick to the touchdown, provide outdoor water rinse (environmental love earth, please don't use shower gel), dressup, TEA TIME (beverage)

07:00~07:30 Time is allowed to follow the coach's own breakfast (food experts will take you to enjoy Hualien local special breakfast)

07:30 Back to the B&B to enjoy the return to the cage

Stop At:

• Qingshui Cliff, Su-hua highway from Herping to Chungte, 97253 Taiwan

Type of Activity

Water Sports > Kayaking & Canoeing >

Type of Booking

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